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ML350 monitoring problem.

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ML350 monitoring problem.


I have two HP ProLiant ML350. The problem is impossibility to monitoring CPU, HDD and chipset temperature and coolers speed. There are no such software on HP CD-disk and on the off-site. Is it possible to monitor temperature and coolers speed at all (for example like on the screenshot)? If it is possible, please, tell me how or what program? If not, so what to do?
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350 monitoring problem.

Unlike other systems you may be familiar with, your ML350 is self-managing. The system has an Advanced Systems Management Controller which checks the values of the sensors and compares them to reference values for warning and critical.

Further, it's important to remember that thermal sensor readings are not absolute--they only have meaning in context with the reference temperatures.

These values are available from the Environment page of the System Management Homepage which is automatically installed as part of the ProLiant Support Pack when an install is done using SmartStart or with the Rapid Deployment Pack. Manual installation of the PSP can be done off the SmartStart CD or you can download it from