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ML350 - power up failure - pre-post tests

Bob Pankratz
Occasional Contributor

ML350 - power up failure - pre-post tests

I am working on a ML350 this am.

The unit shutdown over the weekend. Now when it boots the following symptoms occurr:

1) Press the power button; fans spin up; power light goes green, 5 seconds latter fans spin down completely and light goes amber.

2) If unplugged and replugged in; fans spins up and stays up; unit does not proceed to post test and screen stays blank. Press and hold power button and unit will power off. From that point pressing power button produces item (1) above.

All system status lights and LEDs are normal.

So the question is which component has failed:
a) the power supply
b) the system board
c) the video/system aux processing board

Any one witnessed this before? Thought I try here while I work to track down a support agent on tihs holiday.

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Re: ML350 - power up failure - pre-post tests


You don't state what generation of server this is (G1, G2, G3 etc) however if it's a G1 then it may well be the power supply.

There are two PSU models on the G1: -

PSU for 600-933Mhz systems has Compaq spare part number 163346-001.
For the 1Ghz model it's 216108-001.

I hope this helps.


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Re: ML350 - power up failure - pre-post tests


Is the server was shutdown properly as I understand from what you have mentioned,this might be a mere coincidence
- try to bring the server to minimum configuration to make sure you get the display and the server stays up
- then try to add each component and power it up (to isolate the problem if there is any)

This might be a simple connection issue you might want to reseat all the cards and connectors but well can be a motherboard or power supply issue.