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ML350 stops responding and beeps if restarted

ron tirapelli
Occasional Visitor

ML350 stops responding and beeps if restarted

This server has a SCSI RAID array installed with an Adaptec controller. It is a simple file server running 2003. Minimal processes.

I found the server unresposive with a blank screen. Had to force a restart.

It started OK - but after about 1 minute it started a continuous beep (exactly as I clicked to open the log) and I was unable to open the log. i was still able to move around on the screen but no applications would open.

I restarted but now the server will go through POST OK but will not boot - the disks will flicker very briefly and he screen will go blank.

Processor heatsink was too hot to touch also (although I am not sure how hot it would feel normally).

Any ideas? Could it be an overheat (although room is 70 and fans are all working OK)? I am afraid that I may have a board problem.
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML350 stops responding and beeps if restarted

I also have some problem about the ml350.So I found out this,http://cybrary.inet.cpqcorp.net/ARCHIVE/ADVISORIES/CUSTOMER/EL050414_CW03.HTML
Maybe it will help you.

Re: ML350 stops responding and beeps if restarted

looking at your posting the server was working without problems. After a while it was unresponsive and during install it was having a constant beep.

it looks like an hardwar error. Please contact your local reseller