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ML350G4 - SA641 RAID migration

Dik H

ML350G4 - SA641 RAID migration


I currently have an ML350G4 with Smart Array 641 and 2 HDD 36.4GB running on RAID 1+0. I've added 1 additional disk 36.4GB same size and want to migrate the RAID to level 5 now. Booted from CD and entered ACU. I get the migrate options, but do not get the option to select R5 to be able to proceed. Could anyone pls advise. Thx.
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML350G4 - SA641 RAID migration


did you followed the steps:

1. Use ACU to Expand the Array with the new drive.After that you will have the free space available in the array

2. Extend the Logical drive

3. After that use the migrate option to Convert a logical drive from Raid 1 to Raid 5