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ML350G4p and UPS

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ML350G4p and UPS


I have attached a UPS (APC Smart-UPS) to my ML350 with USB cable.

If the power is down, the UPS works and stop the server when the battery is low. After that, the power supply of the server is still supplied (the ON/OFF light is orange).

After that, 2 cases :
- the UPS is switched OFF (no more battery). when the power comes back, the UPS switch ON and the server starts automatically. it's OK.

- the UPS is not alreday switched OFF and the power comes back : the server doesn't start automatically... but I want that it start automatically

do you how to do it ? I think this is a BIOS options but I don't know which one. Note that the option Automatic Power-On is activated.


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Re: ML350G4p and UPS

Hi Thomas, two things you may check in the BIOS pressing F9 when prompted, go to "Server Availability" then go to Automatic Power-On, and enable it. If the option is already enabled, the server's BIOS is set to work as it should the issue here jumps to another topic. In this case the UPS, this kind of things does not happen when using HP's UPS, the HP's servers are made to work specially with HP's UPS, in fact if you or a Customer call us regarding this type of issue, we'll say that unfortunately the option is not supported since the UPS is not a HP.

Here you can find listed all the Supported UPS by your server.

Uninterruptible Power Systems â Tower UPS
HP UPS T1000 XR (1000 VA, 700 Watts), Low Voltage 204155-001
HP UPS T1500 XR (1440 VA, 1050 Watts)
HP UPS T2200 XR (1920 VA, 1600 Watts) Low Voltage 204451-001
HP UPS T2200 XR (2200 VA, 1600 Watts) High Voltage 204451-002

Uninterruptible Power Systems â HP Rack UPS
HP UPS R1500 XR (100 to 127)
HP UPS R3000 XR (120V)
HP UPS R3000 XR (208V)
HP UPS R5500 XR, (5000VA, 4500 Watt), High Voltage 326529-D71

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Re: ML350G4p and UPS

This also could be an issue with Windows 2003 assuming that is what you are running.
Although this is labeled for HP UPS SW this patch should resolve your issue.

Follow the intructions after applying as there is a policy setting that must be done.

Let us know.