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ML350G5 CPU fan failure... or not?

Rob Stockley
Occasional Visitor

ML350G5 CPU fan failure... or not?

I'm new to HP servers and iLO so this may be operator error. I recently bought a second hand, in warranty, ML350G5. The server shut itself down last night. The IML includes the following messages:

Repaired Fan Failure (Fan 5, Location CPU)
Repaired Automatic Operating System Shutdown Initiated Due to Fan Failure

Fan 5 is the CPU fan and it spins freely with power applied. There was a bit of dust through the heat sink and fan assembly so I removed, cleaned and replaced per the ML350G5 Service Guide.

After restart iLO reports Fan 5 is OK running at 35% and CPU1 temperature steady at 30 degrees. IML still reports these warnings:
Caution POST Error: 1611-Fan 5 Failure
Caution POST Error: Fan Solution Not Sufficient

So is the fan failed or not?
Johan Guldmyr
Honored Contributor

Re: ML350G5 CPU fan failure... or not?

Hey and welcome to HP ;)

It's possible to clear the iML.

Maybe the ones you have in there are old messages?

I mean those messages indicate POST messages.
If you reboot the server now, do you see them?
If not, I find it very likely that they are historical.
Rob Stockley
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML350G5 CPU fan failure... or not?

The IML includes fan failure and forced shutdown events from before and since I came to own this server. Perhaps it only occurs above a certain fan speed. From a cold start the fans go up to 100% before throttling back normal. That might explain the POST messages. While it's running I've never seen the fan above 35% or the temp above 33 degrees. I'll contact HP tomorrow during business hours.

Re: ML350G5 fan failure... or not?

is there an advisory for this?