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ML350G5 - Slow to boot past "HP Proliant" splashscreen

Occasional Advisor

ML350G5 - Slow to boot past "HP Proliant" splashscreen

ML350G5 Tower 3GbRAM, 1 Dual-Core 2.33Ghz SAS

E200i, 2 x 36Gb SAS RAID1, 2 x 72Gb SAS RAID1, 1 x 72Gb SAS shared online spare.

When booting, a handful of several ML350G5 servers we have just received seem to hang or pause for several minutes at both the "HP Proliant" splashscreen and again at the POST messages.

I have searched forums without success - although some people have had some performance issues with ILO. I therefore am looking to see if this is only affecting ML350s where someone has accidentally plugged LAN net cable into the ILO port rather than the standard NIC port (at least one server was like this). I am trying to see how I can clear the IP address from the ILO port or turn ILO off completely.

However, all of this is taking a long time and I may be on a wild goose chase...hence this post...I am hoping someone out there may have an answer.

Thanks in advance.

Tom Hass
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML350G5 - Slow to boot past "HP Proliant" splashscreen

Okay - here's an update:-

I am using a HP 'desktop' 4-port USB/PS2 KVM Switch.

The problem only happens when using a VGA+USB ended KVM cable to the ML350G5. When I plug in a VGA+2xPS2 ended cable the problem goes away.

Are USB ended cables not supported on ML350G5 ?....oddly enough I had the reverse problem on DL140G3s recently...they only liked USB type !!

I would still like to get to what we can do because although I was lucky enough to have a PS2 cable spare next time I could be in Outer Mongolia with no nearby Radio Shack !!

Tom Hass