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ML350G5 memory and processor upgrade

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Mike Carlson_3
Occasional Advisor

ML350G5 memory and processor upgrade

Is there any easy way to determine if a ML350G5 server can be upgraded to quad core?

Also is the 16 or 32 GB limitation on memory based on the processor installed, or is it based on a system board limitation?

The server I'm looking to upgrade is a 419522-005 SmartBuy, with one 5130 dual-core Xeon installed. This would point to it not being quad-core capable, but the system board is spare part 439399-001, which is listed in the Parts Store as supporting quad cores.
Erdogan Temur
Esteemed Contributor

Re: ML350G5 memory and processor upgrade

Hi Mike,

check this link.

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Andrew Gladstone
Valued Contributor

Re: ML350G5 memory and processor upgrade

You should be able to perform the upgrade of the CPU's with the system board you have to 53xx series CPU's, but not to 54xx series CPU's. As for your question regarding memory, the max is 32GB, and does not depend on the CPU installed.
Hope this info helps. Good luck with the upgrades.
Mike Carlson_3
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML350G5 memory and processor upgrade

Thanks, Andrew. The specs do list that some versions of this model are limited to 16GB based on processor - that must be the earlier boards that can't take quad-cores.

Erdogan - I'd read that document, it says to contact HP to determine if the server is upgradeable. They have not responded (still) which led to my posting the question here