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ML350G6, Win Svr 2008 R2 and PCI2 x16 DVI-D Graphics card support

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ML350G6, Win Svr 2008 R2 and PCI2 x16 DVI-D Graphics card support


I need some assistance in digging myself out of a self dug hole.... so any assistance is apprecaited.

i have had a tower ML350 for a while, I've now rack mounted it.... and decided to get a 1U keyboard / video console.

This is the point where it's gone pear shaped.. it transpires the console is DVI-D, the server is VGA..... no problem I thought.... throw in a DVI-I card, job done.... but alas no... the server "sort of recognises" the graphics card, but doesn't give any output on either VGA or DVI on a known monitor that works,

I've ensured that the slot is enabled in the BIOS, made sure that the PCI is selected as "Primary" under the video options etc.... but no dice on the output front. I'm therefore working on the basis that the drivers aren't WinSvr2008R2 compatible. It's an Nvidia card and it looks tike all thier drivers are desktop based OS's.

So does anyone know of a DVI-I or DVI-D card that will work in an ML350 running Win Svr 2008.

I can't return the console unit as it's a) been too long since it was purchased (it was sat in it's box for 3 months) and b) it's now been fitted.

Failing that.... is there a "for sale" forum?.... might have an "as new" 1U console unit for sale soon....