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Re: ML350G6 fails to start

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ML350G6 fails to start

ML350G6 server. When powered on fans works loudly but there is no signal on screen, even standard proliant bios logo screen. After some time server seems to reset itself.
iLO works. Log shows multiple "Server reset." and "Server power restored." (bot not "Server power removed") messages.
When powered on first 4 led on motherboard lit green and last 2 blinking green. Leds on NICs are lit too

What could it be and how to get the server back to work?

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Re: ML350G6 fails to start

Any ideas?

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Re: ML350G6 fails to start

Hi , 

Make sure the BIOS and ILO firmware is updated to Latest

If the issue still persists, Try to boot the server is minimum configuration (1 CPU, I DIMM , no HDDs) 

Try adding the parts one by one and check if the issue persists. This way you can isolate the faulty part




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