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Re: ML350P won't power on

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ML350P won't power on

My ML350P won't power on. I opened up the case and found a blinking green LED next to a diode labeled R1882. I've uploaded a pic here: 

Does anyone know what is the problem?

Thanks for your help!

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Re: ML350P won't power on

A Green Light indicating the power supply is functioning.

I would recommend the following plan of action if there is at least fan activity:
1. Power on the server within a minimal configuration (no parts replaced yet) and allow the server to complete POST. Please confirm the minimal configuration is only consisting of:
- System board
- 1x CPU (test both the CPUs in slot 1)
- 1x DIMM installed in slot 1A dedicated to CPU1 (please reseat the DIMM and test another memory module as well))
- 1x PSU
- No network cards installed, No PCI cards, no riser boards, without the Smart Array controller, No HDD backplanes, power cables and hard drives attached to the system board, etc.
2. If the POST is successfully completed – start adding the removed components one by one - else continue with the next step.
3. Perform “NVRAM clear”.
When the system maintenance switch position 6 is set to the On position, the system is prepared to erase all system configuration settings from both CMOS and NVRAM.
CAUTION: Clearing CMOS and/or NVRAM deletes configuration information. Be sure to properly configure the server or data loss could occur!
4. If the issue persist remove the CMOS battery.
5. Perform a short circuit on the terminals of the already removed CMOS battery for at least 60 seconds.
6. Put the CMOS battery back.
7. Once the above steps are performed and if the issue persist - collect AHS report and open a support case.

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Re: ML350P won't power on

Thank you for the detailed procedure. I wasn't getting any fan action at all. I performed the CMOS short and it has resolved the issue. Many thanks again.