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ML350e g8 v2 - 6 pin fan connector question.

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ML350e g8 v2 - 6 pin fan connector question.


I've purchased a ML350 G8 V2 for personal use, and it is currently sitting in my home office, near me while I work. It is quite loud, even at idle.

I'm looking to replace the fans with some Noctua 92mm fans, but I need to know what type of connector the 6-pin connector is.

It's a 2x3 connector, looks almost like a miniature PCI-E power connector. Research has led me to Molex 'Mega Fit Connectors' - but based on the picture, I have no way to tell if it is the correct size fitment... If anyone has any specific data on this, I'd love to hear from you!

I need to find this type of connector and the pins, so I can try to replace the fans with quiet, static pressure fans from Noctua.

Thanks for any detail you can provide!

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Re: ML350e g8 v2 - 6 pin fan connector question.

Hi , 


Please contact your nearest HPE spare parts store and ask for the below parts



Alternativley for the fan noise issue you may log  a support case with HPE to check for any hardware anomalies



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