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ML350g4 USB port very slow...


ML350g4 USB port very slow...

I hope I'm using this forum properly. When I enter the forum for ML servers and do a search, I get hits from all of the forums. Is there no way to search only the forum I am browsing?
I am using USB 2 external hard drives to back up a nraqnd new ML350 G4 server. I perfromed a test backup this afternoon, and it took over 30 minutes to backup and verify a bit more than a GB of information - VERY slow! I have another client with similar hardware (ML350, USB 2 ext. drives) and their throughput is about 700 GB / minute, which is about 15 times faster.
I see no drivers for the USB ports at the HP site, and I get no error when connecting the drives (you know the one, where you connect a USB2 device to a USB1.1 port).
Can anyone help me to get this working as fast as it should?



Re: ML350g4 USB port very slow...

Since nobody seems to have seen this same problem, I suppose I will have to contact HP for a warranty call on this server. Makes no sense that another identical model backs up so much more quickly and I can't find a driver or anything at the HP site.