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ML350p G8 Intelligent Provisioning SBS2011 creates invalid partition size system volume

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ML350p G8 Intelligent Provisioning SBS2011 creates invalid partition size system volume

Have a new ML350p G8, Updated IP from 1.30 to 1.40 (latest) with SPPXXXXX (as 1.30 had java timeout issues)

Installing SBS2011 using the Intelligent Provisioning OS install wizard onto the HP pre installed 300G SAS HDD's in RAID 1 (Mirrored 300G)

When IP asks about size of the Partition, it warns that the amount on the 300G HDD is under the Microsoft recommended for installing SBS2011 (?) but you can continue.

All goes good.

Complete the server updates, configure SBS2011, Setup Windows Imaging Backups etc etc all goes well.

After a week of config, and many Ghost images along the way, we test a Ghost image, and find the system volume c: is missing.

Ghost (corporate v2.5) warns on boot of WinPE that it has detected an inconsistency between the volumes detected on disk and the os volumes. But continues.

After further investigation we find that ANY Partition tool we use to look at the partitions informs that the system partition "ends after disk", ie the ending cly is past end of physical disk. IP creates the partitions during install, not windows...


I believe there is a bug in the IP scripting, that even though it believes the 300G disk (as said this came pre configured and bundled with SBS2011 from HP) is below the min requirement (only by a small amount of space it shows on screen at this point ie <1%) , it appears to partition the volume at the "suggested" size, which seems to be roughly 3G bigger than the disk. Hence the corrupt partition.


Any suggestions?


Ive look at all forums, web, and HP support tech, no clues. Cant believe we are the only ones that have hit this "basic config out of the box" type install issue????