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ML350p Gen8 - Adding a SAS Expander

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ML350p Gen8 - Adding a SAS Expander

Hi I attempted to added an addioanal SAS Expader to an production ML350P G8 server . I wired it up to the the P420 controller however upon boot, only the first 4 orginal drives were detected in the orginal bay. Drives 567and8 were not!  nether did the dirives work in the new expander. I wired it back as it was and the the origainal drives work again. Any idears. I was thinking firmware upgrade first, but would like to see if anyone has any other idears as its is a production server so need to mimimise downtime.  I have attaced a photo of how I wired it up. The original bay is on the left and the expander is on right of the photo

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Re: ML350p Gen8 - Adding a SAS Expander

Hi, did you solve the problem? I have the same problem that you had. Any suggestions how to solve it?


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Re: ML350p Gen8 - Adding a SAS Expander

all firmware up to date?


Hope this helps!

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