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ML350p Gen8 Rack to Tower Conversion

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ML350p Gen8 Rack to Tower Conversion

Hello - I have seen several other threads on this but none addressed the issue our customer is having. They purchased the rack ML350p Gen8 chassis and wish to convert it to a tower. They obtained the tower feet (667264-001) but sent the following message.


"I received the feet but the way the chassis is made they will only connect on one side.  There seems to be a part missing that I would need I have included some information from the tech manual below to show what I have.


The chassis has an offset that runs down the middle of the side indicated by the arrow.  There are mounting hole for the feet at the top but none on the bottom half of the side.



ML350p Manual Picture.png


 This picture shows a piece that don’t have on mine which includes the mount homes for the feet."


The customer says that they are only able to attach the feet to half of the system due to the other have missing the mounting brackets. Is there any way to remedy this?


Thank you!