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ML350p Gen8 : intermitent very loud fan noise

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ML350p Gen8 : intermitent very loud fan noise


I own an Proliant ML350p Gen8 and it's out of warranty since a few months...

It starts making some intermittent very loud fan noise, even if I stay in BIOS. This noise occurs after a few minutes and can can stop a few more minutes after. It seems a little random.

I would like to update the bios but I can't access to the file (SP72239.exe), because my warranty is expired.

How can I have this BIOS update ?

Thanks for help.




Jimmy Vance

Re: ML350p Gen8 : intermitent very loud fan noise

During POST / RBSU it is not uncommon for the fans to ramp up to max speed for a short time.  if this is just occuring rabndomly then the system is probably working as it should. Dpending on workload the system can heat up and the fans will ramp up accordingly

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Re: ML350p Gen8 : intermitent very loud fan noise

Thanks for your answer. Before the noise problem, I have observed that fan noise can change even during POST (in BIOS for instance) and after boot. But this noise was only ranging from moderate to medium, even under heavy CPU load. The server is in a air conditioned room (cold).

The new very loud random behavior is very annoying. The loud noise can start after a few minutes and stays for a few minute or even more than one hour, without any CPU load. The air flow from the server is always cold and there is no dust inside the server.

This problem occurs on a server without any upgrade on BIOS or system.

I wanted to upgrade BIOS but I can't donwload the latest version...