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ML350p gen8 Storage Controller Driver will no install

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ML350p gen8 Storage Controller Driver will no install

Good Morning All!

I have an old girl we are trying to get going as a test environment to train people up in. The system will install Windows Server 16 fine. When I boot the machine it will not make it to the login screen with the Smart Array P420i Controller enabled in the bios it stalls on the Windows splash screen with the rotating dots.

If I disable the controller the OS boots fine on the SATA SSD. Problem is when the Storage Controller is disabled it will not install the drivers.

Barks at me "The software will not be installed on this system because the required hardware is not present in the system or the software/firmware doesn't apply to this system. " 

Lastly, I know the controller is good, I have been running a Linux based OS off the raid for almost a year before we decided to make this change.  

Is there a way to force the drivers to install without the device on? Or sideload the drivers? I just need this machine to make it into Windows Reliably with the raid enabled.


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Re: ML350p gen8 Storage Controller Driver will no install


You may create a custom install media with driver slipstreamed in.
"NTLite" and "nLITE" are examples of third party software to help with this.


1. Download the driver.
2. Extract components to a folder.
3. Mount the folder using ilo virtual media. (.net option for remote console)
4. Mount the installation media for Windows.
5. During install when selecting drive for installation,browse to the mounted folder and select the driver.
This will allow you to see the drives under p420i also.
6. install the OS as normal.
7. Verify all drives seen under both controllers.

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