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ML360 G1 Fails Hard Drives

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Patrick Buckley
Occasional Contributor

ML360 G1 Fails Hard Drives

I have had 2 ML360G1 go bad. They have all the latest ROM updates. The servers will work for a while (about 3-8 hrs) and it will reboot and say array recovery is needed. I will do the recovery and it repeats. Event log will say the array isnt ready from cpqarray2.
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: ML360 G1 Fails Hard Drives

Hi Patrick:

This is an issue with System board,

Drives are connected to scsi backplane and scsi backplane is connected to the system board. Also the ROC or array controller is connected to system board.

this is 99.9% system board issue. other possible causes could be ; scsi backplane, ROC controller and or Power supply; check to make sure power supply is REV: 09 or over.

Replacing system board will resolve the problem.

Hey, look a light at the end of the tunnel.
Patrick Buckley
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML360 G1 Fails Hard Drives

What drive are supported? Are Ultra 360 ?
Honored Contributor

Re: ML360 G1 Fails Hard Drives

Yes, you can install Ultra320 disks in the Generation 1 server. They are backward compatable. But note that they will NOT use Ultra320 protocol to communicate with the on-board controller.
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