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ML360 G3 101 I/O ERROR

ML360 G3
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ML360 G3 101 I/O ERROR

I am trying to resolve/fix an issue with my server. I have run the diags all is good. However, when booting I receive 101 i/o error. any ideas/suggestions/tips? Thanks cm
ML360 G3
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Re: ML360 G3 101 I/O ERROR

Let me clarify the error 101 i/o rom error. SmartCD says all is well. the complete test says all passed.

juan quesada
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Re: ML360 G3 101 I/O ERROR



POST error message
101 I/O ROM Errors
101 Options ROM Checksum Error


Option controller initialization timing issue
Option ROM corruption

Troubleshooting tips

Bring the system to the minimum configuration. (Remove all cards. Keep minimum memory).

1. Upgrade system ROM if newer Firmware is available

2. Install one hp controller into the system at a time. Upgrade the Firmware on the controller if newer option Firmware is available

3. Repeat this process until you install all HP controllers (RILOE, RILOE II, Smart Array controllers, NIC etc.)

4. Install non-HP controller one at a time and upgrade the Firmware if newer Firmware is available

5. Install all memory into the system

Let me know if this works for your situation.
remember the points

ML360 G3
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Re: ML360 G3 101 I/O ERROR


thanks for the info. However, I am still having the problem. (I apologize for the very delayed response). I have attached some specifics. It is an ML370 G3 tower btw. I am using the 6 bay scsi with only one hdd. I am hoping from the attached info you can provided some other suggestions.

thanks again.