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ML360 G5 --add 2 extra drives?

John Albrektson
Occasional Contributor

ML360 G5 --add 2 extra drives?

My ML350 G5 is full (8 bays) off a P400 controller.  I want to add two more SATA drives in an aftermarket cage.  Is there ANY way to add a HP-approved controller that I can simply plug those drives into via a standard SATA cable (il.e., without Proliant backplane)?


I am doing exactly that with a RocketPoint Raid adapter that works fine *except* when it is time to boot the system on a HP bootable DVD, as the HP disk always hangs and I have to strip out NON-HP stuff to get the system updated.


Surely there is a HP approved controller that would work for those two extra drives?


Re: ML360 G5 --add 2 extra drives?

There are SAS and SCSI HBAs for adding external storage without connecting them to the hard drive backplane in the server. You may try either of the following options:




HP SC08Ge Host Bus Adapter


Quickspecs at:


HP SC44Ge Host Bus Adapter


Quickspecs at:






HP Smart Array 6400 Controller


Quickspecs at:


HP Smart Array 642 Controller


Quickspecs at:


Single Channel Ultra320 SCSI HBA


Quickspecs at:






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