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ML370 BSOD Post NT SP6a and PSP

Michael Cadwallader
Occasional Visitor

ML370 BSOD Post NT SP6a and PSP

Hi there,

I'm in the process of upgrading a few hundred domain controllers to NT SP6a (I know, something that should have been done years ago) but I seem to have a problem specific to ML370's.

The process is scripted to install SP6a and then without reboot it installs version 5.50 of the PSP formerly the SSD. Upon reboot all should be fine of course and it is on everything but ML370's. On these I get the CPQNTAC.SYS blue screen error which is caused by the SP6a upgrade and the network teaming driver. The PSP should prevent this.

The fix for 370's is to boot either NTFS for DOS or Windows PE, remove the CPQNTAC.SYS from %systemroot%\system32\drivers and reinstall the very same PSP 5.50 as was applied earlier, then it works.

I feel slightly crazy here in that I am simply applying something that was applied before, also this has worked fine for 1600's, 3000's and ML530's.

The ML370's come with 3163 and 3123 teamed NIC's, 3200 array controller. I watch the installation of the PSP and see no errors first time around, is there something bizarre happening or has this happened to anyone else.

Note that the types of NIC are not specific to the ML370 on our estate but exist on other server types which have not had problems. The more I write the crazier it seems :)

Any ideas?


Mike Cad...