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ML370 Boot fail.

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ML370 Boot fail.

Hi there,
I'm trying to restart ML370 Server using SmartStart or DOS diskett due to hard drives array problem - but I just got a message "Serial Cable Error Detected (Check For Proper cable type)" immediately after RAM check passed. And then - no any responds to keyboard. Do anyone know how to get to system partion at this case ?
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Re: ML370 Boot fail.


What is the Error Number that is displayed with this error?

I am concerned as to what the condition of the previous failure was... can you give some details? This might be related?

Is this server connected to a UPS via serial cable?

If you can get this system to boot off the CD, please insert your SmartStart CD and run the System Configuration Utility and save the configuration. Hopefully this is just a misconfiguration.
If you do not have your SmartStart CD, then you can use the diskette version from here:

If not, have you attempted to clear the NVRAM by setting SW1 S6 to ON?
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Re: ML370 Boot fail.

There is NO Error Number displayed.

The condition of the previous failure was just replacing the failed SCSI drive - and expecting when array complete rebuilding.But rebulding also failed - appearingly unrecoverable read error.

And there are no any serial cables and UPS connected to this server.

And the problem is - I can't get this system to boot off the CD or floppy - when BOOT process complete RAM check - it just display a message mentioned - and nothing more. IMD display shows "Recovery Server".
I did set SW1 S6 to ON and cycle power switch - but there were no changes.
Any hints about it ?