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ML370 Drive Cage

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Lukas Leonardo
Occasional Visitor

ML370 Drive Cage

We have ML370 with six 36G SCSI HD installed on the drives bay and additional Drive Cage with two 36G SCSI HD when we connected the drives bay and the additional drive cage to smart array 532, the SCSI ID 0,1 on the drives bay conflict with the SCSI ID 0,1 on the drive cage. How should I set the HD SCSI ID (on the drive cage) to be 6 and 7 ?
Martin Breidenbach
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 Drive Cage

Each cage must be connected to its own SCSI channel. You'll need a dual channel RAID controller.
Justin Barker
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML370 Drive Cage

We have an ML370 Server which currently only has one Drive Cage connected to an 5300 Array Controller. The drive cage can take six 36GB SCSI Disk, currently there are four disk in the cage.

We would like to add another Hard Disk, but have it connected to the OnBoard SCSI Controller. As there is a Internal Tape Drive, there is no space for this disk, and putting it in the Cage would mean it runs off the 5300 Array Controller.

I saw above that the ML370 server has two cages, a 6 and 2. Is it possible to install a 2 Drive Cage and have it running on the OnBoard SCSI Controller, and if so, where would it fit? Remove the Tape Drive? Could you also if possible, give me the part number.

Thanks for the help
Lukas Leonardo
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML370 Drive Cage

I think HP should put a note on the ML370 quick spec / document which specify the need of separated SCSI channel for the additonal drive cage.

HP puts the word "dual channel" for the smart array 532 which does not mean real dual channel,
it only means same channel with dual connector (internal & external), me as the customer was misleaded as I thought "dual channel" should be a real dual separated channel.

A technical term VS commercial term?
But customer will be misleaded.

So what I should do now is buying another smart array.