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ML370 FAN/HEATING Problem!!!!!!

Arthur Au

ML370 FAN/HEATING Problem!!!!!!

I have a ML370 G1 with 2 Pentium III 866 cpus (I installed the second one; same stepping) and 1 gig of ram. I have installed Win2000 and the latest Support Pack to slow the fan down. However it doesn't work all the time. It boots fine then a couple minutes of using Windows is speeds back up to full speed. Another note, I just got an error message saying stating that the system cooling was faulty and was overheating????? I don't know what is wrong with this thing....
David Claypool
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 FAN/HEATING Problem!!!!!!

Access the Insight agent by going to http://[SERVERNAME]:2301 (assuming you configured the agent password in the PSP before applying it). You should be able to observe in almost real time what the temperature sensors are showing and see the thresholds that trigger them. If any of the fans are failing, you should see that, too.

I don't recall if the 370G1 had a fan option to be installed along with a second CPU. You might want to check the QuickSpecs.

If you sourced the second P3 by ordering a part number other than the HP part number, you may have gotten a part with an undersized heat sink for the airflow present in the 370 (or if a questionable source, the heatsink may not have been applied correctly).

Finally, the front and back of the server needs to be free of obstructions and have at least a 6" clearance so that enough air can be moved through. For some reason I'm assuming this is a tower system rather than rack mount. If that's the case, if it's under a desk or something, try moving it out and see what happens.
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 FAN/HEATING Problem!!!!!!


Do you have the foam air baffle fitted?
It sits over the top of the CPU area.
(See attached image)

We have had customers who threw this item away and later found that their system began to cook when more memory or a second processor was added (i.e. more heat).
This air baffle allows the air to flow properly over the cpu(s) and memory.

If its missing, the system won't last long without it.

I hope this helps,


Re: ML370 FAN/HEATING Problem!!!!!!

does any know how to acces the Insight agent url? port 2381 does not work.. please help