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ML370 G1 Power Supply

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ML370 G1 Power Supply


I recently acquired two ML 370 G1 rack mounted servers. I installed an OS (linux) and ran rompaq upgrades etc and everything was going well.

Overnight, I left the servers unplugged from the power socket. Next day, when I went to plug the power cord in one of the servers there was a loud bank and a spark as I inserted the power cable into the power supply on the server.

The following day, the same thing happened with the other server only this time it was on a completely different power source and with a different power cord. Both servers have triple hot plug power supplies (Part no 283623-001). Is the ML 370 G1 renowned for having faulty power supplies? I am using standard UK 240 volt power which I believe should be okay? Anyone got any experience of this? I am reluctant to plug the machines in until I know what has happened in case there is a danger of fire etc.


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Re: ML370 G1 Power Supply

I have no wlost two PSU's in two servers, same thing happened. I plug in the power cord, there is a load bang and a spark. As only 1 PSU is working on either server I can no longer boot either one. Have I just been very unlucky to lose 4 PSU's in two machines in the space of a few days or is this a common feature on ML370 G1 machines? I should add that these machines were previously rack mounted in a datacentre running 24/7 for the past few years without any problems. Any help would be greatly appreciated, I don't want to have to bin these two machines but obviously I am now wary that they may be prone to electrical fault and potential fire hazard.

Interestingly, I run a few Dell PowerEdge servers (2400's and 2550's) and have never experienced this problem before and they are all running fine so I don't thinks it's a case of "dirty power" or anything like that...