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ML370 G1 Processor

daren white
Occasional Contributor

ML370 G1 Processor

I have a 1ghz processor in my ml370 g1 server. I want to add another processor and have bought part number 187602-B21. When I put it in and switch the server on I get the green power light on but the fan does not make the usual noise when it is powered up. I have tried with just the new processor in and still the same. Is it a dud cpu or is there something else I have to do.

Re: ML370 G1 Processor

Hi Daren,

Usually ML370 server makes High noise during the start up(When you are using single power supply) or during one power supply failure. The single Power Supplies fan rotates faster to provide proper cooling to the server during start up only.

Precations while repacing or adding processor:

It is not necessary to modify any internal switch settings when implementing the 1-GHz server, either as an optional upgrade or as a newly procured system.


If upgrading to the 1-GHz processor, the ML370 server may require an update of the System ROM and/or System Configuration Utility. The server may hang on POST if Version 2.51 (or earlier) of the Compaq System Configuration Utility is used. Always advice a full system backup prior to any hardware or ROM upgrade.

During POST, each processor and its initialization frequency is displayed. If POST detects processors of unlike frequency, ROM halts the system.

Edwin P