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ML370 G1 Wake on Lan (WOL)

J.S de Vries
Occasional Contributor

ML370 G1 Wake on Lan (WOL)


I am trying to get my ML370 G1 to wake on lan. I have failed, though. I can't access the system configuration utility (somehow grub loads too fast or something, I can't access it by pressing F10).

So I booted from a SmartStart 5.5 CD, but I can't find the option to, well, 'enable WOL' or something equal... I would be very grateful if someone could tell me!

Thanks in advance,
Yours truly
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML370 G1 Wake on Lan (WOL)


Not much help I know but I'm trying to do the same with an ML530.

I too have tried smartstart and a serious of floppies but no luck.
J.S de Vries
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML370 G1 Wake on Lan (WOL)

I tried to edit my post but couldn't find the option to do so, so I'll post again...

My question actually is two-fold.

The first question is if someone would know why I can't get into the System Utility (where you can set the boot-order and so forth) by pressing F10. The symptom is that as soon as the integrated array controller finishes spinning the disks, the "Press F10" prompt appears for less than a second and no matter how much I tap F10, it still goes straight to my Linux bootloader (Grub). Although I could try to add the System Partition to Grub, that might work as well...

The second question (once I can acces my config-util again) would be how to enable WOL on the built-in ethernet card.

Joris de Vries
J.S de Vries
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML370 G1 Wake on Lan (WOL)

So, I fixed the problem.

The key was to tell Grub to chainload the system partition. How did I do this:

First, I got to the Grub commandline (I believe the default key for this is 'c').

If you are there, you have to tell Grub to select the System Partition as it's root. You can do this by typing 'rootnoverify (' and then press TAB. Grub will list all possible harddisks. I think, by default you will need hd0, so the command by now is 'rootnoverify (hd0,' Press TAB again, so Grub will list all possible partitions on hd0. You will want the partition with type 0x12. In my case, this was partition 2.
So our completed command by now is 'rootnoverify (hd0,2)' (Don't forget to replace hd0 and 2 with values applicable to your configuration! Oh, and off course when you type this at your console leave out the quotation marks).

Then, we have to tell Grub to make our newly selected root partition active. This is done by the command 'makeactive' (again, without quotes).

After that, we tell grub to chainload the bootloader found on that partition. Grub will hand over, as it were, control of the booting to that program. This is done by typing 'chainloader +1'.

And finally, we have to issue the command 'boot', and we're finished! You should be in the System Partition :)

Now for the second problem. When you get to the "MAIN MENU" of the System Partition, press Ctrl+a. A popup will appear, saying "Advanced mode is enabled."

Then choose "System Configuration", followed by "Configure Hardware". Scroll down untill you see the value 'Wake On Lan' and (do I really have to say this? ;)) set it to 'Enabled'. Confirm with F10 and save your settings.

Voilá :) You can now use Wake On Lan :)