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ML370 G2 (1.4GHz), will not power on.

Paul Taylor

ML370 G2 (1.4GHz), will not power on.


I have an issue with a Compaq ML370 G2 1.4GHz. The machine has all the latest BIOS and 5i updates and is running Support Pack 7.00A. Windows 2000 Server SP4.

The machine will not even power on. The Heartbeat LED on the front panel is RED.
And there is a BEEP approx once per minute.

Any idea what this means ???, I guess it means the Server Health is poor... But exactly what part ?

Many thanks in advance.
Paul Taylor,
IT Manager, Lo-Q Plc.
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 G2 (1.4GHz), will not power on.

Hi Paul,

There are two HEALTH Leds on the system. The External Health led is 2 positions above the power button. If this is red then you have a critical power problem, probably the hot-plug power supply. I assume you only have one power supply installed in this case.

The Internal Health led is located 3 positions above the power button (Immediately below the Unit ID blue led). If this led is red, then you have a critical internal component failure. Remove the top cover and look inside to locate the source of this fault using the leds on the system board. The top cover has a diagram inside it to assist with locating the problem. I have also attached this information in a document for your convenience.

Regardless of the problem you will need HP to resolve it as your server will still be on warranty but this should help you identify it quickly.

I hope this helps,