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ML370 G2 CPU MAX and Normal temp. ??

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ML370 G2 CPU MAX and Normal temp. ??

Lately my ML370 G2 dual P3 1.13 server CPU's have been running at about 50-56C. Is this normal for anyone else who has this machine and a similar setup. I was looking at replacing the crappy factory heatsinks with ones that have fans. But some brillint engineer at Compaq thought it would be a great idea to attach some really tough adhesive/pad. Lightly tried to remove the heat sink and didn't want to ruin the processors so I halted my efforts. So any one replace these processors with a matched pair of non Compaq spares with out the attached heat sink? Sorry about the rant I have more but I'll hold off(for now).

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Re: ML370 G2 CPU MAX and Normal temp. ??

Hi JD,

If you have the full compliment of CPU fans (4 in total +2 for the I/O section) it should run fairly cool. Check that you don't have blocked air holes at the front of the server (You may have to remove the bezel if it's a rack version). Also make sure that the server isn't directly behind another server which is throwing out hot air.

The cooling on Proliants works from front to back, drawing cold air from the front of the server, across cpu'and memory and exhausted out the back. If you have a server directly in front of it (within reason) it could be getting hot from the air from that one. Just a thought.

The temperatures don't seem excessive but you could keep a check on them with Insight Manager which will tell you the expected range for this model.