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ML370 G2 Drives Keep failing

Occasional Contributor

ML370 G2 Drives Keep failing

I am installing NT Server 4 on my ML370 G2 however once the build completes and the server is running one of the drives fails and then shortly after (within 3 hours) another fails rendering the machine un-bootale.

I have 3 18Gb drives in a RAID 5 array, I have replaced all the drives and the array controller card and still have the same problem.

Appreciate any help anyone can offer.
Tarek Kawach
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 G2 Drives Keep failing

Hi Matt:

Can you attach the report from Array diagnostics Utility it looks like it could be the scsi backplane issue.

you can run the ADU smartstart 7.50; can be downloaded from HP website.

HP SmartStart CD
version 7.51 (22 May 06)

Best regards,

Hey, look a light at the end of the tunnel.
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Re: ML370 G2 Drives Keep failing


Unfortunatley it takes a long time get software through the official channels of being allowed to even put discs in the machines in my organisation so i'm still waiting before i can post the report.

In the mean time I replaced the backplane and rebuilt the server and sure enough within hours one of the drives had failed. Just wondered if you had any more suggestions.

Many thanks
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Re: ML370 G2 Drives Keep failing

Hi Matt,

Try updating all the latest firmware and drivers (if it is running on old drivers and firmwares) from:

Especially the array controller card....

Hope this works!!!!