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ML370(G3) Disk Migration.

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ML370(G3) Disk Migration.

Hi All,

We have a ML370 with Smart Array 642 Controller/ 2*36 GB RAID1/ 4*72GB RAID5. The RAID 1 disk is configured as Logical Drive1 and holds OS & Database. The Logical Drive 2 (RAID5) is holding important data.

We want to put 2 Nos, 72 GB RAID1 in place of 2*36 GB and create 2 Logical drives (May be Logical drive 1 & 3 without disturbing the currrent Logical drive 2), and sepearate OS & Database in different Logical drives.The data alongwith OS on the current Logical drive 1 need to be migrated to the New Logical drive1.

What would be the best option possible to do this. Is there an HP tool to do this..?.

Appreciate any input in this regard.
Igor Karasik
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370(G3) Disk Migration.

You have several options:
1) Do "one-by-one" disk replace.
Replace first 36 Gb disk with a higher capacity disk (72Gb), wait till SmartArray rebuild mirror, then replace another 36 Gb disk with the second 72 Gb disk and wait till SmartArray rebuild mirror. Now you will have 36 Gb "unused" space on your RAID-1 and you can create new logical disk on these 36 Gb.
Now you need to move your Database files to new logical disk (move database method depends on Database you use).
2) You can do backup/ replace disks/create logical drive with Array configuration utility/ restore

Make sure you have good backup before any operation.
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370(G3) Disk Migration.

We suggest that you take the opportunity to seperate the OS from the data, create a new RAID for the data. Leave the RAID1 with the OS and add the RAID5 for the data.
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Re: ML370(G3) Disk Migration.

We have Mirrored the Hard drives in sequence on 2Nos. 72 GB HDDs, and created New Logical drive (Again RAID 1) on the unused space we got.

Thanks to Igor.