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ML370 G3 Noise

Geno Church_1
Valued Contributor

ML370 G3 Noise


I'm looking for noise information regarding the ML370 G3 server. To be more specific, I need to know if anyone has any documantation stating the decibal level of the server when the fans are running at high speed and what the decibal level is when the fans are running at normal speed. I have found decibal info regarding the disk's when they are idle and when the are doing random seeks but this isn't what I'm looking for. Any info will be greatly appreciated and points will be awarded!

ernst limbrunner
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML370 G3 Noise

hi geno

hp does not realease such decibel information.

one reason is: fan noise depends on the manufacturer of the fan. hp uses multiple suppliers.

a good example is the dl360 g3. depending on the fan producer, this server can sound from ok to unbearable. firmware and drivers most current.


best regards

ps: dont waste your time trying to find information that is simply not available.