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ML370 G3 PSU problems

Dean Matthews
Occasional Visitor

ML370 G3 PSU problems

I have an ML370 G3 and with dual PSU's. One of the PSU's showed an amber light (failed) and I therefore ordered a new PSU. When the new PSU arrived I replaced but the new PSU has the same problem. I therefore checked all the PSU's individually in the server and they all work in both slots but when they are put in in pairs one of them fails. I therefore replaced the PSU backplane. This seemed to work for about 6 hours and then the amber light came back on one of the PSU's. Any ideas? The only thing I can think of now is the motherboard. It has been suggested that firmware and the support pack should be checked but can this really have an issue on the PSU? Help!

Re: ML370 G3 PSU problems

Call tech support. 1-800-652-6672. I know the power supply has been replaced, but is has to be replaced again.