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ML370 G3 RAM/Firmware Issues

Mark Harby
Occasional Contributor

ML370 G3 RAM/Firmware Issues

I have just taken on a client that is using a Proliant ML370 G3 server. This server, as far as i can tell, has never had its firmware or bios updated.

The O/S is Windows 2000 Small Business Server.
I am trying to increase the installed RAM from 1GByte to 2GByte using original HP RAM. The server takes the ram and the bios reports the additional ram but Windows refused to boot.

Is this a firmware/bios issue ?
Which version of the SmartStart cd do i need for this model ?
Where do I go to find out this information ?

Shiraj Fernando
Regular Advisor

Re: ML370 G3 RAM/Firmware Issues

Hi Mark,

What happened exactly after you upgraded the RAM and powered up the server?

What I would do is to remove the new RAM, power up the server and see if windows boot normally.

According to the release notes for SmartStart CD 7.9 it supports the ML370 G3.

Check this url:

Hope this helps.

Best regards,
Shiraj Fernando.
Mark Harby
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML370 G3 RAM/Firmware Issues

Thanks for replying

The problem is not the bios recognising the memory it's Windows 2000 that refuses to boot, it gets past the initial (no-windows) screen but hangs when the gdi screen loads.

Removing the RAM puts everything back as it was.

I have downloaded SmartStart 7.90 which i think is the last build that supports the ML370 G3 and Windows 2000.

I think i'll give it a miss, we are installing a new Windows 2003 ML370 G5 between xmas and new year, the old G3 will be wiped and reloaded with Windows 2003, i will patch all the firware and bios etc when i do that.

Thanks anyway.