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ML370 G3 Redundant Fan Failure

Tom H_2
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ML370 G3 Redundant Fan Failure

Getting a 1611 error on this server. Fans 2,3,4 show as failed. Replaced fan with known good (one from slot 5) and still fails. Anyone seen this before? This server's only about 18 months old and has been housed in a rack attached to an APC UPS. Thanks.
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Re: ML370 G3 Redundant Fan Failure

Hi Tom
we had similar problem,and our fans were working fine in the other server, upgraded the system rom and option rom still no luck then we replaced the system board,
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Re: ML370 G3 Redundant Fan Failure

We recently had a similar problem. We were told by HP that the most recent BIOS fixed the problem but that once it happened the board had to be replaced...Which is what we had to do...on two machines.

In our case the fans failed and we overheated and kept rebooting. But I had a problem with HP's answer. The new BIOS seemed to only default the fan speed to high. I can see how this might fix a temperature problem but not why a good fan fails in a slot. In our case it was even weirder. We had alternating fan failures on successive reboots.

So I updated the BIOS on a machine that didn't have the problem yet and now the fan races all the time no doubt due to the BIOS setting. HP said the using the new insight agents would fix this but it didn't. So much for a temp based variable fan. And HP has no answer for this either.

Did you ever resolve this issue to your satisfaction?

Re: ML370 G3 Redundant Fan Failure

We had the same problem on ML370 G3 fan frailer Error 1611. ( 3 fans # 2,3,4 failed amber light on the fan ) We changed the motherboard P/N 290559-001 problem solved. ( changing only the fans doesn???t work and don???t waste your time )

ML370 Fan failure is most common error. If the fan failed you can???t start the server. it???s BIOS error if you have ML370 G3 server please update your BIOS ver. P28 ( one failed BIOS update doesn???t work)

To start the server redundant Fan # 1,3, 5 is sufficient. I manually start the fan by blowing compressed air. Then fan light became Green. Server started. You can do the work. Until your motherboard arrive. If you???re in critical situation you can try that. I have attached the photos please check. Let me know your comments.
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Re: ML370 G3 Redundant Fan Failure



In a nutshell, I have a ML370 with the redunant fan issue.  I would like to replace the motherboard but I have a quick question re: model number:


The model number of the board in the server at the moment is: 316864-001


Does that mean I should replace it with exaclty the same part number -OR- is the 290559-001 board an updated version which dosen't suffer with the fan issue?


Thanks in advance




Irrelevant background info:

I still have some ML370 G3's in service - they have provided years of flawless service and they litterally have months left until retirement....


Sadly one of them has become problmatic (typically it's the Exchange server!)  Following a PSU failure,  I got the strange fan issue (solved temorarily by removing fans 2,4 & 6).


I removed the connectors from the hot swap fans behind the CPUs and wired them so they run directly on the power from a spare Molex connector (at full pelt for maximum airflow).  This seems to keep the CPUs at a steady 29c which I'm happy with.  I'm not happy having a non-redundant system though; hence the desire to swap the MoBo.



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Re: ML370 G3 Redundant Fan Failure

I think I may have just discovered the answer... the two boards have a different FSB speeds 400 / 533 as explained in this post:

I understand the 316864-001 is the newer board, which is (backward compatible) so I should stick with that to ensure it suits my 3.2GHz processors?