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ML370 G3 - ULTRA320 SCSI

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ML370 G3 - ULTRA320 SCSI

Hi to all.

I have a two problem.

I've a server with 2 disk in raid 1 with this logical drive status: Ready for rebuild.

But rebuild does not take place.


Yesterday IML logged this event: "Drive Array Device Failure (Slot 2, Bus 1, Bay 1)",Drive Array Subsystem,Critical,1,21/08/2014 12.36,21/08/2014 12.36




thi is the result of ADU:

disk0: Last Failure Reason: 0x07 (Drive timeout)

disk1: Last Failure Reason: 0x05 (Mark bad operation failed)

............not bad............

It seem that both drive have problems...


Have you to seggest some way to resolve replica issue?

What is the active disk with true data?

Actually I can't upgrade firmware because I can't have phisical access to the server (prod server i nanother location).



HP 36GB 15K Ultra320 SCSI Pluggable BF03688284 Hard Drive



Smart Array 641



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Re: ML370 G3 - ULTRA320 SCSI

If both disks have problems, then you cannot rebuilt. Consider to restore a backup.

Hope this helps!

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Re: ML370 G3 - ULTRA320 SCSI

ADU is showing the "last failure reason", but that doesn't mean they're both currently in that state.

Without knowing more, I'd say disk 1 is probably in a failed state and disk 0 might have had some other temporary timeout issue since it last power cycled, but if the system is still running then you must have one drive working.

You won't be able to rebuild until you replace whichever drive is failed. Look in the Array Configuration Utility (ACU) and see which drive it's saying is bad. Get a replacement and head out to that remote location and swap it out.

While you're there on-site, upgrade whatever firmware it needs.
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Re: ML370 G3 - ULTRA320 SCSI

Tnx all for your reply.



ACU last week did not show anything useful but today show 1 phisical disk failed...

I'm going to replace it.