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ML370 G3 USB Issues

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ML370 G3 USB Issues

Ok we have ML 370 G3 Rack and Towers. We are running 2003 server. We installed USB modems, 5633a's from USR and they installed fine, but when we attempt query the modem it fails with a message saying that it is unable to open the requested port and that there may be a resource issue. Well according to 2003, there is no issue.
I have used this modem on different machines running 2003 with no issues.

We also have USB Creative mp+3 audio devices on the same types of machines and the systems will not boot with the audio device attached, remove the device it will boot up fine, and you can plug it in while windows is running and all is fine.

We have a real problem here as these external usb devices are a must as we have the internal pci slots maxed with cards. (the problem exists on empty machines as well)

Other info, dual 146gig raid 1 on a 641 controller but problems exist with 6402 controller and raid 1 146x2 and raid 5 146x4

Thanks for any and all input.

V.P. tech.
Sean Marshall_1
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Re: ML370 G3 USB Issues

This may not be the answer your looking for but check out this URL

HP Supported USB Devices
USB Optical Scroll Mouse (Carbonite) - PN DD441B
USB 1.44-MB External Diskette Drive (Carbonite) - PN DC141B
USB Easy Access Keyboard (Carbonite/Silver) - PN DC168B#XXX
256MB HP Drive Key II (USB 2.0) - PN PH657A
Multibay USB cradle (for using HP multibay optical drives) - PN DC373A#ABA

The devices you are trying to use are not listed as supported. For the most part the Proliant servers have limited USB support.
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Re: ML370 G3 USB Issues

We did testing with a USB powered hub it corrected our issue. 2.0 devices are supported but they will only work 1.1 mode. The voltage requirements for the devices we are using seem to exceed the G3 370's capabilities. We are now looking to alternative solutions.

Thanks for you reply.