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ML370 G3 connectivity Loss

ML370 G3 connectivity l
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ML370 G3 connectivity Loss

I am having an issue with only one server in my environment. This server loses connectivity twice a month. Just at random times. If you are looking at the server everything appears to be normal. The only way to get connectivity back is to boot the box. It is almost like it goes into a 'sleep mode' and then connectivity is lost. There are no alarms, event logs, or error messages. This is also the only server that we do not have iLo plugged/configured on. We are in the process of getting this completed. Any and all thoughts on how else I could proceed towards resolution would be GREATLY appreciated. I am at a loss. Thank you.
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Re: ML370 G3 connectivity Loss


Try updating the PSPs and the system ROM and check...(incase it is not updated)

PSPs are available at:

System ROM available at:

Also update the NIC driver:

Hope this works!!!!

ML370 G3 connectivity l
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Re: ML370 G3 connectivity Loss

Thank you for the information. I really hope these things work. I will re-post in a few weeks if it does.

THANK YOU so much for the response. It provides me with some direction.