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ML370 G3 doesn't boot / BIOS problem

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ML370 G3 doesn't boot / BIOS problem

My fault, I know ...

I acquired a used ML370 G3 (2x3,06, 3GB, 6x36GB, SA6402). When I got it, it ran beautifully (and relatively silent).

As usual with new hardware, I first used a SmartStart CD (7.70) to check the array and run ADU. All green, so on to the firmware upgrade CD (7.70 too). This updated the BIOS, the 6402, the iLO, and the drives.

When I started the SmartStart CD again, the fans didn't spin down any more but stayed fast and (very, very) loud.

I then installed 2000 Server and the necessary PSP (7.70 again). That went ok, but the fans still stayed at high speed.

After reading the version history for the BIOS upgrades, the reason became clear: The latest BIOS contained code to set the fans to high speed.

Two days were spent trying to resolve the issue (the server was too loud even for my server room). I tried to boot with the old BIOS, experimented with the fan speed settings in RBSU, erased the system via SmartStart, reset it using Switch 6, erased the CMOS, the NVRAM, flashed the system with 2 older BIOS versions ... no change.

I then got bold and flashed the oldest BIOS I could find (P28 4.00). I shouldn't have done that ...

Now the system doesn't start anymore. It beeps very long, the internal health LED lights up red, and all 6 memory LEDs light up amber.

I tried everything I could think of (using only the first two memory DIMMs which are 512 each, resetting the system via switch 6, removing the controller and all the hard drives, letting the system sit without battery for 6 hours) - no joy.

Since both BIOS ROMs are valid, it won't start up in desaster recovery mode, so I can't flash a newer BIOS code.

What can I do? Is there any chance to tell the system to use the redundant ROM without booting into the RBSU or diskette? Any hidden switch setting?

Please help!
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Re: ML370 G3 doesn't boot / BIOS problem


normally in proliant servers, setting 1,5,6 positions of the maintainance switch to "on" switches to the redundant ROM.

Not sure if it will work, but this is the only option I think of...


Re: ML370 G3 doesn't boot / BIOS problem

Pac, I love you!

This did the trick.

Where is that documented? I always thought I new quite a lot about ProLiant servers ...

Two question remain, one critical, one not:

I now have one usable ROM and one "valid" but unusable redundant ROM. How do I flash the redundant ROM?

And, of course, the problem that started everything: How do I get the fans to speed down?

Kindest regards,
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Re: ML370 G3 doesn't boot / BIOS problem

Hi Fibril/Fussel :),

glad to hear that the 1st problem is solved.
From the troubleshooting you made it can be seen that you understand a lot about proliants :)

- I think the option is documented on the label on the access panel and in some(newer maybe) Maintenance and service/User guides, but doesn't matter

- If you flash the ROM again to the latest version, the current active ROM will become backup ROM of the new one (not sure in this circumstances, but it must happen so normally)

- Now about the fans...

When you power up the server, the fan control maintains the fans, till a health agent is loaded. Then the agent takes control.

So since the latest agents 7.60 are installed, it can be that you have a failed fan control/temperature sensor on the system board.
You can try to boot smartstart and see if the fans go down. Other thing you can try is to put a sheet of paper in front of the fans to see if they become to spin faster(if the fan control is working when the system gets warmer)...
If there is still no change...bad, seems like Hardware error.

Another things that play role is the number of fans you have - 3 or more? you can try to take one for 5 secs out to see if the other spin higher.




Re: ML370 G3 doesn't boot / BIOS problem

Hi Pac,
all 6 fans (and both power supplies) are installed. Ambient temperature in the server room is about 12C at the moment.

When I got the machine, the fans went down to a murmur when starting SmartStart or firmware CD. So it can't really be a hardware fault. Now (starting with the BIOS upgrade) the I/O fans (5 and 6) spin down, the other four stay at high speed.

I could understand that if the machine were hot, but Insight Diagnostics shows the four temp points below 25C (and all fans operating at normal speed), and the air coming out of the fans is really cold.

The sad thing is that I bought this machine especially for the lesser noise. I wanted a newer machine running VMware to replace my two ML370 G1. I bought a DL380 G3 first, but that is way too loud. So I bought this ML370 G3, knowing it could speed the fans down to a murmur ...

Problem is that my server room is directly adjacent to our bedroom. At the moment, the noise is ok, even with two 4314R enclosures running with 14 drives each. But if I switch on the DL380 G3 or the ML370 G3, you can't sleep any more.