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ML370 G3 fan issues

Robert Emery
Occasional Visitor

ML370 G3 fan issues

Our rack room lost air conditioning for several days over the winter break. Temps in the room probably approaced 90 degrees F. so the fans (includes redundant fan kit, so 6 hot-swap fans) were running at full speed for a few days before I was able to shut the server down.

I replaced the fans and the machine worked again, then the AC went out again last weekend. When I came in Monday the machine was again perpetually trying to reboot. Two fans are not spinning, and if I swap them with other working fans, the problem stays in the same location, and the fan that wasn't working before works fine in a different location.

First of all, what do I need to replace... power supply, backplane, motherboard?

Second, is it possible to set the machine to shut down instead of (stupidly) trying to keep booting when the fans aren't working?

Finally I would like to point out that eight other machines in the same room that did not have ridiculous numbers of 80dB fans and redundant power supplies are all still working fine. What good is this redundant fan array if it doesn't actually protect the machine?

Mauro Rusignuolo
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML370 G3 fan issues


I don't think should be a problem of the backplane.

may be a problem of MB.
caused, pheraps, from the powwer supply.
it's easier to repalace the powwer supply, befor.

i suggest you try with this, at the moment.

le me know.


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