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ML370 G3 new mainboard bus speed problem

Systems Administrator_12
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ML370 G3 new mainboard bus speed problem

A HP tech installed a new mainboard in my ML370 G3 rack serer to fix a thermal issue with the old board.
However, the new board now is reporting that my 2.8 Xeon (533 Mhz bus) CPUs, are only running as 2.1Ghz Xeon (400 Mhz bus) CPUS because 400 Mhz is all the system will support. Specifications say otherwise for these CPUS.
The CPUs are reported in Windows as 2.8Ghz and as having 1MB L3 cache each, so i know i'm not crazy.
The DIP switches are set the same as on the old board. Looking towards back of case..4th dip ON for the 6-dip block, and top dip ON for the 3-dip block) (even tried them all OFF as the board came shipped)
Clearing the NVRAM didn't help.
Replacing the board AGAIN didn't help.
I'm stumped, and HP is of little help.

Ideas? Am i missing some crazy magic step?

Anthony Koay
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML370 G3 new mainboard bus speed problem

Try updating the system bios. A new replacement board does not guarantee having latest bios.


Terry Hutchings
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 G3 new mainboard bus speed problem

There's two different system boards available for this server. One has a 400 MHZ bus and the other has a 533 MHZ bus. I'm not sure why the processor is showing as 2.1 GHZ, since it should detect the speed correctly. If you have the system board with 400 MHZ bus, then you'll likely need someone to come back out and install the correct system board.

What's the part number of the system board currently installed. It SHOULD BE pn 316864-001.
The truth is out there, but I forgot the URL..