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ML370 G3 reboots constantly

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ML370 G3 reboots constantly


I was installing a ML370 G3 today.
After installing w2k on it with service packs etc etc. I (of course) had to reboot, the server than restarts and as soon as screen becomes graphic the server reboots.

I changed the rompaq version up and down (on advice of some schoolboy at the HP helpdesk), with no result of course.....

anyone had the same issue with a ML370 before?

I've lost faith in the HP helpdesk here in Holland they've put a couple of juniors on the phone with no experience at all....I better call my wife (...) at least she won't ask me to remove the processors before updating the server with a ROMPAQ disk.


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David Lochhead
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Re: ML370 G3 reboots constantly

Does it do the same thing in safe mode ?? If no then uncheck the restart server automatically and stop the ASR service so you can have a look at the error code , I really strongly suspect a corrupt video driver.