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ML370 G3 several HDD failure

Taj jundi
Occasional Contributor

ML370 G3 several HDD failure


I have 9 ML370G3 servers, and got 3 HDD 18.2GB 15k raid 5 and 641 array controller.

My problem is, out of the 9 servers 5 servers are giving me the same problem which is several HDD failure.

When the HDD's led turns into red and i replace it, it works for few days and again it goes red, i tested the HDD from HP Diagnostic Utility while it was red and on the server and it showed me that it passed the test and got a message that the HDD is fine but either the backplane, SCSI cable or the array controller is having a problem or it could be the firmware that has to be updated.

Anyway i updated the firmware to 8.2 and changed the backplane since it was with me (the server is in a remote area) but still didn't work.

I wanna ask if there are any advisories about this problem with the ML370 G3 and if anyone had this problem before and what did he replace exactly ?.

Super Advisor

Re: ML370 G3 several HDD failure


you must change the backplain hdd .

i have this problem and when change to back plain hard drive my problem is solve.

hail my friend.
Taj jundi
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML370 G3 several HDD failure

Thanks for the reply,

I have already changed the back plane and still facing the same problem.

Just to mention, always the same HDD on that particular slot fails, for example the last server i went to had several HDD failure on slot 5.
Occasional Visitor

Re: ML370 G3 several HDD failure

I have the same problem at my company. But may server type is DL380 G4. Is the same thing, the hdd works fine for 1 month after replacement, and then failes again. I tried this with 3 hdd untill now( had 2 identical servers), even sent some to waranty, no solve. Any chance somebody solved it?
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 G3 several HDD failure


usually multiples HDD failures

- First update Firmware
- reseat backplane, cables and HDDs

if issue persist replaced HDD
if continues backplane

some cases controller is needed
and if the issue persist

request HP read you ADU report

in reallu weird scenarios I've seen replacing power backplane has something with the HDD failure why since the current that HDDs must get it's not the correct one so power is basically doing HDD fail

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Sultan Ahmed
Occasional Advisor

Re: ML370 G3 several HDD failure

I had the same problem, replaced backplane and HD but the problem still persisted. Then replaced the motherboard and the issue was resolved.