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ML370 G3 upgrade to 64-bit processor possible?

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ML370 G3 upgrade to 64-bit processor possible?

I have an ML370 G3 that I'm trying to get running with Server 2008 64-bit.


I know that this machine was designed for the Prestonia Xeons which are single core, non-64-bit, socket 603.  I did see that the motherboard socket is a mPGA604/Socket 604, though, which technically will "fit" up to a Paxville Dual Core Xeon which has the 64-bit extensions.  I know that the FSB "should" adjust to the slower bus support of the motherboard, but would I run into any other problems by attempting to use a Paxville (or even a single core Nocona or Irwindale) in this server?

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Re: ML370 G3 upgrade to 64-bit processor possible?

I don't believe it'll work that way vis-a-vis FSB speed, it's just the opposite - A motherboard (and chipset) designed for a higher FSB speed will usually accomodate a slower CPU. But a CPU designed for higher FSB will not slow down to accomodate a slower motherboard. Usually, it won't even make it all the way POST.


I've got an ML370 G3, an ML330 G3 and a DL380 G3, and they all originally had Prestonia Xeons 2.4 to 2.8 ghz. Highest I've been able to upgrade them to is 3.2 ghz Gallatin core which I think is the fastest Xeon with a 533 FSB but it's still only 32-bit.