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ML370 G3

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ML370 G3

Of all those software that came with this Server I need to know if they are neccessery to install after a clean WIN 2003 install.
Any to recommend ?????

For example do I need ACU for Array 641 am I able to setup a RAID1 with the Array BIOS?

Olivier Drouin
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML370 G3

You also may need the hp management agent.

I never installed windows on proliant so I'm not sure if they exist.
Roger Faucher
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 G3


Were it me, I would go here:

and upgrade the BIOS and any firmwares (if they're newer), then install v7.00 of the Support Pack, and finally, anything else that seems appropriate (newer).

Make a great day!

ernst limbrunner
Trusted Contributor

Re: ML370 G3


you should download the PSP (proliant support pack) and let it run on your system. it will do the job all by its self.

this will give you all the HP features of your proliant. if you do not have PSP on your system you will not have thermal shutdown (but a crash in case it gets too hot), no advanced error logging, less performace, no support for many error leds and, and, and ...

the PSP is basically a collection of utilities and optimized drivers.

after running PSP you should look for a file called "survey.txt" (use find function of windows). you will like that kind of information.

best regards from germany