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ML370 G3


ML370 G3

I am having an issue on a server that was setup a few weeks back. This server was running previously with Windows 2000 for 4 years with no issues.

I updated to the latest bios and added 2GB and used the box for a VMWare test machine for a few weeks (no issues) and then had to deploy the machine as a Coldfusion web server because they would buy a new one.

So 2 weeks ago I update all the device firmware with the HP latest HP firmware disk, installed Server 2003 Ent with the latest Smartstart and installed 8.11 PSP. Server ran fine and I ran it though 5 full cycles of diags with the Smartstart.

After 5 days of no issues the machine was turned over to Software group for the Coldfusion and Deltek WelcomHome install. After this we started to see the server sporadically reboot.

It happened 3 times in 2 days before I was notified by software. There was nothing in the event logs. It was set to dump and reboot, but no dump. Only thing I noticed was the ILO log shows â Server power removedâ followed by â Server power restoredâ . The system was on power ckt with some single power supply linux machines. Those did not shutdown from a power issue.

Even though I did not see ASR restart message I had the off shift admin to turn ASR off in the bios.

After this the server restarted again on the morning of 10/31. I then turned off auto restart in the recovery options. Again nothing in event logs and same power removed/restored messages in ILO event log. I also removed the 2GB I added since the machine was running fine on 2000. I also reseated all ram, fans, power supplies, and single pci board (smart array 642) I also setup event notifier for all events. I tested this to make sure it was working by pulling power from 1 supply and messages worked.

After this the server up for 8 days before a restart occurred 11/1. I received no event messages, no event log entries, but again have the ILO event log entries Server power removed/restored.

Attached is MPSReports cab in two parts

Any help would be appreciated


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part 2

Re: ML370 G3

Another note

After the reboot last week. I moved power onto 2 seperate ckts that have 2 other HP servers connected. Tose systems did not indicate a power issue.
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Re: ML370 G3


sounds like an issue with power supply or power backplane

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
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A couple years an engineer was a similar situation with a server of this model, then i gave him that check and/or ajusting the pins of the power connector of backplane of discs, the issue was resolved.