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ML370 G4 boot problem freezes no video

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Rupert Sedgwick
Occasional Contributor

ML370 G4 boot problem freezes no video


I have a ML370 G4 that I rebooted the other day and it didn't come up. Symptoms were:

1. fans spin as normal
2. array SCSI disks spin up and go green
3. CD flashes once
4 All motherrboard LED's are green. No video display whatsoever
5 All front led's are green

I opened the case and there is a heat sink normally attached to a square processor like board next to the two actual processors. one of the U shaped holders for the spring clip of the heat sink has come away from the board and the heat sink became detatched.

I assumed that the system board had overheated and managed to find another on ebay brand new, preferable as HP were quoting 5 days delivery!

Problem is, now that I have replaced the system board, I have the same issue!!

Trusted Contributor

Re: ML370 G4 boot problem freezes no video

Hi Rupert,

try minimumconfiguration least number of procs dimms remove any pci card and dissconnect external devices bypass KVM and try connecting a known good external monitor.

Cheers :)
Honored Contributor

Re: ML370 G4 boot problem freezes no video


something else

what troubleshooting steps have you tried?
the idea is not repeat what you already have done

Didn't your momma teach you to say thanks!
Rupert Sedgwick
Occasional Contributor

Re: ML370 G4 boot problem freezes no video

Thanks for all of your help. It was a dodgy DIMM. Had to replace m/board anyway because of the broken connector for the spring clip. I assume that the broken clip hit the DIMM on the way down (as its directly below) and shorted it out or something.