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Re: ML370 G4 cooling problem?

Kristof Kockelkoren
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ML370 G4 cooling problem?

Hi ,

I have 3 servers, ML370 G4
They all have the same problem :

I opened the case and there is a heat sink normally attached to a square processor like board next to the two actual processors. one of the U shaped holders for the spring clip of the heat sink has come away from the board and the heat sink became detatched. It even fell off the system board? Is this a known problem?
The servers are mission critical and 100% uptime is needed.
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Re: ML370 G4 cooling problem?

Hi Kristof,

It's not a known issue as far as I know on this model however it could prove to be serious if components overheat. It's probably a memory bus or Intel architecture chip so it's important. If the heatsink is falling off I assume you have the upright tower models of these servers.

Can you please have a look at the attached image and confirm that this is the chip you mean? If so I guess the only answer is to have the system boards replaced under warranty by HP before it becomes a more serious issue.


Kristof Kockelkoren
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Re: ML370 G4 cooling problem?

Yes, that is the one.
I will supply pictures of the ones who fell off
Thx in advance
Billy M
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Re: ML370 G4 cooling problem?

We have 2 ML370 G4's that have done exactly what Kristof's servers did. Was this ever found to be a defect that was fixed under warranty? Looks like defective hardware.
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Re: ML370 G4 cooling problem?

Just opened one of ours, found the same issue. The clip on the restraining arm popped off the motherboard (the one without the handle to attach the arm to the clips).  Server's still running, and I have no idea when it originally happened, so it could have been a while (which is impressive considering)