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ML370 G4 immediate bluescreen with USB modem

Neal Howard

ML370 G4 immediate bluescreen with USB modem

Anybody having any luck getting a USB modem to work on a Proliant ML370 G4 machine? I've got eleven of these machines (you can read my recent displeasure with them in a couple other threads in this forum), and need to put a modem on one. Unfortunately both regular RS232 serial comm ports are in use for the application running on this box. The o/s is Windows 2003 Server (standard) and it has dual 3.2GHz procs and 2GB memory. I tried to plug in a USB modem and it immediately bluescreens with a STOP 0x0000007E in the usb driver. Same results in a second ML370G4 (basically identical hardware configs) which I tested, but curiously the modem doesn't crash a 3rd ML370 G4, which it's only differences is that it has dual 3.4GHz cpus and 4GB memory, and an extra U320 SCSI card in it. I'm afraid to try plugging in the modem to any of the remaining machines since I can't risk crashing them.

Is there any USB modem officially known to be supported in these machines? Or am I going to have to find a PCI-X or PCI-Express serial port card to be able to add a dialup modem to the machine in question.

PS: I guess maybe I do need to say something good about the ML370 G4 to help counter all the bad karma I've had with them lately and maybe try to get some good karma back... So, I do have to admit than when they _are_ running and working like they're supposed to, they are *blazingly* fast! :-)